As a veteran of 30 years of military service, I was very disappointed in the tone and lack of facts in your article “Milking.” For whatever reasons, you avoided using specific data and names - except for generally blaming Speaker Pelosi and “them.” You can do better.

I was held directly accountable and very responsible for the safety and success of thousands of personnel (and their families to the extent I could serve them). When a casualty occurred, to machinery or to people, or both, sometimes including loss of life, the ensuing investigation focused on determining “Why” and “How to prevent recurrence.”

When describing an event as serious as the attack on our Capitol by fellow Americans, it might be more helpful for you to list the charges against those individuals who contributed to (or were) any of the root causes and to recap how they were determined (in a formal legal proceeding or court of law) to have committed specific acts - or not.

Your writing simply stokes the flames of division within our country. You do not expose the root causes nor do you acknowledge your own actions nor do you clearly state what needs to be done to cure the root causes.

What have you done to fix the most serious circumstances you feel are damaging our country’s ability to thrive?

What legislation have you sponsored, working with “them,” to fix these circumstances? There are many important examples of such circumstances.

What was the result of your latest effort to create bi-partisan, constructive solutions? What is the Bill # and Title? What does it endeavor to fix? Who are your team senators? If you are unable to gain support from “them,” tell us why - quote “them” and then tell us your next step. Tell your readers and constituents the facts. They will appreciate that more than a rambling, skeletal treatise on what seems to be wrong.

If all you can decide to do at this point is write a letter such as “Milking,” then you are letting yourself become part of the problem and your choice of words simply provides your readers and constituents high school-level fodder for the “Why.” You should constructively lead, not carelessly follow.

I hope you did not actually write “Milking” - that perhaps a young staffer with unchecked, not fully informed bias. Regardless Senator, don’t be manipulated by others - don’t join the ranks of other spineless lemmings playing the role of shallow-minded, childish politicians. Be better.

Good Luck,

Captain Dave Secrest

Lake Gaston