Slowly getting over the shock of losing Jack Saunders. More than once Jack reminded us “I won’t be here forever”. Alas, it’s now time to fill the void. Jack did a wonderful job all on his own. He knew what to do and how to do it. We were on autopilot and so fortunate.

It’s terrible losing a friend and a colleague but now we have an immediate need for a treasurer. Jack has left us a road map how to do this. He wasn’t a CPA but he flawlessly completed the treasurer tasks and made it look easy.

As to a time commitment, the treasurer meets monthly with the Board (currently on Zoom). Maximum 75 minutes. A monthly Treasurer Report is compiled on a spread sheet and circulated to the Board and ultimately the membership. Jack prepared all the templates. I think it makes the most sense to make this a 2 year commitment since there is a bit of a learning curve, bank signatures, etc.

The second item to discuss is the 2021 annual dues. . The $10 family/business or $5 individual annual donation helps us support our outreach programs to keep Lake Gaston safe. Remember our membership dues are tax deductible. Please look for an email from Wyatt Andrews, Membership Chair. You can either mail your check to PO Box 207, Henrico, NC, 27842 or pay at our web site (

Renewing the dues is the easy part. Surely we have one member willing and interested to pick up where Jack left off.

You might wonder when we will next meet. Certainly not in March. Please give us your thoughts. Is April or May too early assuming the vaccinations are widely available? Watch for updated information on the website.


Brian Goldsworthy

President, LGWSC