Off the Record

• I heard what sounded like two explosions at the lake last week. Other readers have also expressed concern. Maybe this is a regular occurrence. My inquiry to Dominion Energy has gone unanswered so far, so please feel free to inform me:

• I’m writing this around 4:30 p.m. Friday afternoon as Memorial Day weekend kicks off. The temperature is in the 90s. Vehicles are swarming the Pit Stop and Food Lion parking lots, and Lizard Creek Road. Though not official on the calendar, I daresay summer is upon us.

• And since summer is almost here, please also use the aforementioned email to send us your photos from around Lake Gaston - whether it’s fishing, wakeboarding, tubing, or just hanging out at the lake. Everyone loves a good shot of fun on the lake.

• Shoutout to the person that posted a picture of a water hose to the Lake Gaston Community page and asked whether it was venomous. Snake submissions can be directed to, and not my email.

• Be on the lookout for Memorial Day photos from Littleton in next week’s print edition.

• Would it be strange if I sprawled out on a beach chair by the Lizard Creek Road lighthouse statues and pretended to be at the beach? I don’t think so either.

• I’ve been looking for used vehicles online for a family member that shall remain nameless. Unless you have delved into a search for relatively low-priced trucks, you can’t imagine the current absurdity of the pre-owned market. Buyers don’t have to visit the lot anymore. They can shop online. And that’s bad for dealers, who I imagine must spend every waking moment of their day scouring the internet to make sure they buy the vehicle before you, so they can turn around and sell it for more. How’s my search going? I came across a GMC truck that was missing the “G” on the tailgate. That’s how it’s going.

• I am puzzled when people blame pets for violent acts. You know how dogs became dogs? They were wild animals and our ancestors decided they wanted a furry companion, or hunting aid. When a dog attacks a person, that should be on us, not them. An animal can only act instinctively; it does not have the benefit of perspective. We should all do as much research as possible to understand their behaviors in hopes of preventing more tragedies.

• Playoff hockey in the Carolinas was extended to the second round last week thanks to a thrilling overtime win in Nashville, Tenn. When the ‘Canes are making a run, summertime is even better.

“The night is calling, I have to go

The wolf is hungry, he runs the show”

- Scorpions, “Rock you like a hurricane”