Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, North Carolina’s hospitals and frontline healthcare workers have performed heroically to treat unprecedented influxes of patients and help defeat this pandemic.

COVID-19 has tested the capacity of our hospitals, many of which were already struggling. Our hospitals are vital to North Carolinians’ access to quality care, and as our national leaders debate the future of healthcare in America, they must not do so in a way that puts these facilities at greater risk or inhibits the ability of our health care heroes to provide the care North Carolinians need. 

Research finds that proposals for new, government-controlled healthcare systems would have negative impacts on hospital finances and could leave North Carolinians with fewer options for care—or even put access to quality care at risk, particularly for those in underserved or rural communities.

I am alarmed by these proposals precisely because I share the aim of ensuring that every North Carolinian has access to affordable healthcare. When economists and other experts warn us that well-intended proposals could have serious, negative consequences for our citizens, we should listen.

Today, private coverage options, such as the plans millions have through their employers, work together with public programs including Medicare and Medicaid to provide Americans with strong coverage options and quality healthcare.

By working in good faith across the aisle and bringing the leaders of our healthcare system to the table, we can make coverage and care more affordable and accessible—without risking the progress we have made so far. 

- Rep. Michael Wray, Gaston, NC