Off the Record

• Not everything lives up to the hype. The Valentines, Va. Post Office, on the weekend before Valentine’s Day, surely did.

• Newspaper news: The next edition of Lakelife magazine is coming soon. We promise.

• Some folks are upset that the proposed Lake Gaston hotel project is planned to be five stories. But that’s a lot shorter than the tallest building in the world in Dubai that is 163 stories. If you put the Burj Khalifa on Eaton Ferry Road, it would be visible from Rocky Mount.

• Although the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the fifth NFC seed and never wore their home uniforms during the NFL playoffs, this team should be remembered as one of the most talented of all time. Tom Brady deserves a ton of credit, but the old man had some help. Players like tight end Rob Gronkowski, receiver Antonio Brown, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, and linebacker Jason Pierre-Paul each had multiple Pro Bowl nods before joining the Bucs and running back Leonard Fournette had a pair of thousand-yard rushing seasons for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Throw in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin at receiver and Shaquil Barrett at linebacker. No one should be surprised.

• The trending topic for sports personalities to debate now is: “Who is greater? Tom Brady or Michael Jordan?” Of course that’s a silly question considering football and basketball cannot adequately be compared. Preposterous, even. 

The answer is Michael Jordan.

• Top Super Bowl commercial? I’m going with Will Ferrell’s General Motors spot. The Norway one.

• Imagine being in school and not getting a true snow day because your classes were already virtual, from home. Tough break.

• Sir Walter Wally, North Carolina’s top weather-predicting groundhog, says an early spring is coming. You can try to come up with a better name for a furry NC mascot, but you will not do better than Sir Walter Wally.

• “If ‘if’ was a fifth, we’d all be drunk.” - unknown