Littleton Tobacco and Laundry

Littleton Tobacco and Laundry was the site of an attempted robbery and subsequent shooting death Saturday, Feb. 13, 2021. 

LITTLETON - An attempted robbery of Littleton Tobacco and Laundry Saturday left one person dead and another suspect at large.

One of the convenience store owners, acting as clerk, exchanged gunfire with the attempted robbery suspects and received a gunshot wound himself before being released from the hospital. The owner shot at least one of the suspects, both male, and one of them died at the scene. The other suspect had not been apprehended as of Sunday afternoon and it is unknown whether he is injured. 

The Littleton Police Department was working to identify the deceased man and the other suspect on Sunday afternoon in addition to investigating other details of the crime. 

The store, at 106 Mosby Ave., has been the site of violence before, including an armed robbery in 2018.

Littleton Police Chief Phillip Trivette said he did not know whether Saturday’s incident had any association with the gaming machines inside Littleton Tobacco and Laundry that have also been linked recently with unlawful acts. 

Those machines have been the subject of Town of Littleton Board of Commissioners meetings as the board took steps to banning them. Both Littleton Tobacco and Laundry and the Minit Chek store at 100 W. South Main Street have recently been fined and issued citations for having more machines than is currently allowed by the several-years-old standing ordinance.

“Since those machines have been put in, there have been multiple fights, multiple drunken incidents,” Littleton Mayor K. Owen Scott said in the board’s December 2020 meeting. “Just this past week, there was a drive-by shooting. None of that had happened prior to the machines being put in there.”