'You are not alone'

Over and over again Exile Motorcycle Club has proven themselves to be an exception to “motorcycle club” stereotypes. Every year on the first Saturday in October, they hold “You Are Not Alone Day” for a family in need. 

This year all proceeds from the event will go to Clyde Bracey, who was diagnosed with kidney failure and Nicholas Wilson, who is fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

In spite of the pandemic, this year’s event brought quite a large turnout with 116 bikes and 20 cars, jeeps, and trucks participating in the Poker Run. 

The auction had an amazing outcome as well. Amy Snodgrass made a beautiful hand crocheted blanket featuring an American Flag and Bald Eagle symbolizing freedom. The donated blanket sold for $2,000 to Tammy Furr of Furr’s Deli. Robert and Tammy Furr also matched 40% of the events profits totaling a $3,340 donation to the cause. 

Her generosity brought many people to tears and was a gesture of kindness and support that will not be forgotten.

Thomas Klegg also bought a hand crocheted You Are Not Alone blanket made by Rebecca Kegley Bullock for $1,500. 

The blanket was then given to event creator, Tiffanie Stiltner, by several motor club members and attendees who thought she deserved it for all of the thought and hardwork that she has put into the event over the years. 

One thing that is for certain is that with the support and love from the community “You Are Not Alone Day” will continue to thrive.