Rest E-Z at Shell Furniture is a perfect example of a hometown business that has become a pillar in the community. It has proven itself to its customers through several generations and changing of company leadership. The Shell family, local business owners in Roanoke Rapids, started the business in 1904 selling clothing, furniture, and food. In the 1930s, the company began selling furniture exclusively. Through his partnership with members of the Shell family, a local man by the name of Cliff Daniel took over as owner and manager in 1975.  His son Greg Edwards eventually worked his way up to the office of Vice President. Edwards became the sole owner and president of the company in 2015.

Rest E-Z is a full line furniture store that offers indoor and outdoor furniture. The two story space they occupy on Roanoke Avenue contains furniture for bedrooms, dining rooms, recliners, pictures, mirrors, lamps, hammocks and even grills. The space on the second floor is currently being renovated to hold their outdoor and “lake” items. Edwards anticipated the space would be ready for customers by the end of January.

 There is both in-person and online shopping available, even though Edwards said most of the business they do is in-person due to the hometown feel customers get when they come in,  and the ease of testing the pieces themselves. He  added that he has customers coming from Nags Head in the Outer Banks all the way to High Point. Many families have been customers for more than one generation.

Edwards was fortunate enough to not have to close when the Covid-19 restrictions were shutting down most businesses due to having essential items available to the public. “ They wanted to close us up for a short period of time, but I carried adjustable beds, lift chairs, and all health equipment, like hospital beds, and mattresses. So I was able to stay open as a business essential,” said Edwards. Edwards said that while the level of business they are doing has not returned to pre-covid levels, it has increased some.

 As is the case for many businesses, Edwards mentioned the difficulty of obtaining certain types of merchandise, like sofas and chairs. Importing items are extremely difficult as well, but they do not do many imports. “ Most of what I get is USA made. I do that for a reason, the good U-S of A. My upholstery line is made in Tennessee. My bedroom line is made in Galax, Virginia. The sofa line I’m putting in is from High Point, North Carolina. So it’s a North Carolina company. I do that because you have to support the USA as much as we can. Hopefully that business will come back too,” said Edwards. Edwards also wanted to give a huge “thank you” to his customers. He said it is because of them that Rest EZ @Shell furniture has been able to stay in business for over 118 years. 

To view available inventory, you can visit them on Facebook at Rest E-Z at Shell Furniture or you can call them at (252) 587-2528.