Lake Clean-up

Members of the Clean-up Committee of the Lake Gaston Association hit the road to pick up litter. 

As I am sure you are aware, the trash situation on the roads around Lake Gaston and along the shorelines is out of control. This year June 5 is Lake Cleanup Day and will be different than in previous years.

The purpose of Lake Cleanup Day is to make everyone aware and get out and clean up their area or roadside, shoreline, etc. and take the collected trash to the local convenience center. There will not be any Lake Gaston Association dumpster locations as in previous years.

If residents are not able to do it on Lake Cleanup Day, then hopefully they can choose a day that works for them.

The second part of Lake Cleanup Day is to try and make the offenders aware that throwing litter out on the roads not only looks bad but makes much work for those who have to clean it up.

For more information contact the Lake Gaston Association at 252-586-6577 or 1-888-586-6577 or email