Littleton fire

The Knight family’s home in Littleton was destroyed following a Saturday morning fire.

The home in Littleton, east of downtown, that Lake Gaston’s Helpful Hands and Hearts constructed its 200th assistive handicap ramp for earlier this year burned on Saturday morning.

A Gofundme page to raise money for the family is active and can also be accessed by searching "Gofundme+Nathan Knight."

“Hello everyone,” Knight wrote in the Gofundme post. “My name is Nathan Knight and on the morning of March 27th, 2021, my house completely caught on fire. The house contained myself, my mother, and our pets.

“Fortunately, I was able to save all of us. However, I could not save our home. We lost everything: the memories of my late father, personal valuable items, and so much more. Everything is gone. This is so emotional for us, especially during COVID, when things are so much harder to do. Any donations help. Just please help my mother and I get back on our feet.”

Helpful Hands dedicated the ramp at the home of Somthavin Knight, 70, on Jan. 13.

“The Littleton resident has endured multiple strokes, her left side is paralyzed and she has been in a wheelchair since 2019,” the Gazette-Observer wrote in January. “Before the new addition to her home, her son Nathan had to carry her down steps to get her outside.”

By Monday afternoon at press time, the Gofundme page had 48 donors, raising $2,500.