Founder and CEO Patricia Smith stands in front of her business Exceptional Home Care. Smith was a home health nurse for 12 years and understands the need for home health care and assistance.

Littleton, Lake Gaston, Warrenton and the surrounding areas have a new provider for Home Health Care services with Exceptional Home Care. 

Exceptional Home Care opened its door in 2021 and is run by Founder and CEO Patricia Smith. Smith, has worked as a nurse for 17 years said that she always had a passion for helping others.

“I did home health nursing for 12 years,” Smith said. “And I’d often go into people’s homes and see the need for assistance with their daily living.”

This health care business offers premiere home health and respite care for those who need it in the area. Their services include assisting those who need it to get out of bed and continue their day while still promoting independence. 

“We help them get out of bed, we lay out their clothes for the day,” Smith listed. “We help patients who are stuck in bed to bathe and turn over.”

Smith says that Exceptional, however, does not assist patients to doctor’s appointment unless they need urgent care. Exceptional also offers respite home care as well. 

Exceptional still promotes a sense of independent living amongst their clients, even if they are helping. Smith says they do things to help keep the patient active.

Exceptional Home Care also wants their clients to feel like they are with family. Smith says that they want all of their patients to be relaxed and comfortable while in their care. 

“That’s why we’re called ‘exceptional.’ We truly want to make our patients the most comfortable and supported as they can be.”

Smith found her love of supporting others when she was a young girl. Her mother worked at a nursing home, where she would take Smith from time to time to visit and help with the elderly and sick. 

“It has been my whole life, even in my teenage years,” Smith said. “I would get to pass out ice, push them in their wheelchairs… And over the years, it grew on me.”

Smith started Exceptional Home Care due to the need for home health care in rural places like Littleton, Warrenton and the surrounding areas. “There are no places like this here for the elderly.”

Smith says that her favorite thing about being able to work in home health care in Littleton is that she’s doing something she loves and something she cares deeply about. 

“I’ve been given a great opportunity to do what I love to do and that is to show love and compassion to the elderly,” Smith said. “And give them services that will help improve their life and make it easier for them.”

Smith states that Exceptional takes the time to make sure that the patient not only gets the care that they need, but they get it from a person that is the right fit for them. Smith will go to each home and determine which nurse is the best fit for each patient. 

“We won’t just stick you with any nurse that’s available, we take the time to see which one will work best for the patient and the family.”

Exceptional Home Care offers services to multiple counties, including: Halifax, Warren, Northampton, Nash, Vance, Pitt and the surrounding areas. Smith’s goal is to offer the care that’s needed to anyone who wants it.

“I feel as though I’m doing what my heart desires. They’re getting what they need and my heat rejoices.”