Stacy Woodhouse


Stacy Woodhouse, director of the Warren County Economic Development Commission, resigned Tuesday from the position he’s held since February 2018.

Woodhouse’s resignation came just a few hours before the Warren County Board of Commissioners vote to abolish the EDC in order to rewrite the bylaws.

This change in the structure of the organization would require the economic director to report directly to the county manager, Vincent Jones.

According to Carl Lynch, chair of the EDC board for the past three years, neither he nor Woodhouse knew this was happening before the agenda came out and the decision made to restructure EDC in this way.

The county commissioners unanimously voted to hire Woodhouse as interim director on a contract basis for a period of six months, working at the pleasure of the county manager, at a salary of $55,000 annually. Woodhouse soon proved worthy of the post and was hired as a county employee.

His letter of resignation comes nearly two years later, during which time he reportedly did a great deal for Warren County.

“He will be sorely missed,” said Warrenton Town Administrator Robert Davie, who brought him to Warrenton.

Davie said Woodhouse worked very closely with the town and county on numerous important projects.

“His heart was really in it,” said Davie, who hopes Woodhouse will agree to work on a success-fee basis on the projects currently in progress.

“He is so good at the high levels of finance and real estate,” Davie said. “That’s what it takes to bring in the money we need for the county. I’ve seen him do it.”

For his part, Woodhouse said he’s extremely proud of what the EDC office has accomplished over the past two years. 

“We’ve brought new manufacturing and retail to Warren County, several affordable housing projects are in the works, helped over a hundred small businesses, and have a boutique hotel, medical, retail, and senior living coming to Lake Gaston — the largest economic development project in the history of Warren County $100 million," Woodhouse said. 

He is also points to the EDC’s efforts to bring a hotel to the Wise interchange. In addition, he has helped secure more $100,000 in grants to help farmers, built recreational trails, worked with the public school system and more during his tenure. 

“Serving the people of Warren County has been an honor and a pleasure and I will continue to do so as a private citizen,” Woodhouse said. “I would like to thank my coworker Peggy Richardson for her tireless support of me and her service to the people of Warren County both during my tenure and for the past 20+ years.  If I have left one impression on the people of Warren County I hope it is that I love them and I support them.”

Woodhouse has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from American University in Washington, D.C., and previously worked as a property analyst for Jamestown Properties and as director of acquisitions for Hand Properties, Inc., both in Atlanta. After serving as a development officer for WRS Realty in Charleston, S.C., he left the company in 2014 to start Woodhouse Real Estate.

Woodhouse also began Sow Edible Permaculture Farm & Nursery ( in Afton-Elberon, designed and built an off-grid home where he and his family live.