The Warren County Board of Education is expected to vote Tuesday on the general layout for a consolidated elementary school that would serve as the next step in a project to expand Warren New Tech High School to house the county’s elementary students.

The $30 million project is being funded by the NC Department of Public Instruction Needs Based Public School Capital Fund 2021 grant.

Representatives of Durham-based EVOKE Studio Architecture presented three options for expansion during the board’s Feb. 28 work session/business meeting. These options also moved Warren New Tech High School to a wing of Warren County High School.

Expansion would add 60,000 square feet to the existing 21,000-square-foot New Tech building, bringing the total square footage to 81,000.

However, additional expansion will be needed in the future to accommodate all of the county’s elementary school students. EVOKE Co-founder and Design Principal Edwin Harris told the board that the school system’s current budget would enable the elementary school building to accommodate 600 students. However, he said that number is 229 below the current number of elementary students. Essentially, this would mean that students at two of the county’s elementary schools could move to the consolidated school when it is completed. Students at the other elementary school could join them once a new addition is constructed.

Harris told the board that the New Tech site is a good choice for the consolidated elementary school because it already has 11 state-compliant classrooms and because the location makes future expansion possible.

EVOKE Studio Architecture presented three general layout options for the board to consider.

The following option was recommended: Build an L-shaped addition that would make administration the center hub of the building with wings to house classrooms. Harris said that smaller wings make a school building seem more welcoming to young students. With this option, the second and third grades would be housed in the existing building. Pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade would be in one of the new wings. Fourth grade, fifth grade, the media center and the gym/dining area would be in another new wing. This option was recommended because it easily allows space for a future addition. In addition, the wing design would provide an easy way to divide space for playgrounds for younger and older students.

Other options presented were the following:

• Build the 60,000-square-foot addition as one long structure that connects to the existing building at the administration area. Second and third grades would be housed in the current building. The addition would include a media center, gym/dining area, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, fourth grade and fifth grade classrooms. Classrooms for older students would be situated close to the media center, and classrooms for kindergarten and first grade would be on the other side of the building. Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten would be near the administration area.

• A third option would make the addition two stories instead of one. However, EVOKE Studio Architecture said that this was developed as an idea, but was not recommended due to feasibility, especially with the extra costs associated with installing an elevator and stairs.

The board of education will hold its next meeting at 6 p.m. on March 14 at Warren County Middle School, located at 118 Campus Drive, Warrenton.