Sadler Bros.

The renovated Race-in in Ebony is now open. 

The wait for the Ebony, Va. Race-in to reopen is over.

It is officially known now as Murray’s Race-in, with the Sadler Brothers Oil Company venture opening its doors early Thursday morning. A grand opening celebration is expected on a future date, but the big, white "We are Open" sign in red lettering out front is sure to get the attention of passersby. 

Locals Jason and Marsha Murray are leasing the store from the Sadlers and bringing a family atmosphere and down-home cooking to the spot on Highway 903, right across the road from the Ebony General Store.

The Race-in’s hours are 5 a.m to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

“The store business - this is all new to us,” Jason said. “We’ve never done it. I’m a contractor. We just had the opportunity to move forward. We were going to give it a shot and give it the best we’ve got.”

“You’ve got a lot of potential here,” Jason added. “A business is what you make it out to be.”

Jason Murray greeted a couple of customers walking in Thursday morning that knew him from his Murray’s Construction business. Often, folks just know him as “Murray.”

He told them, “Go on in and get you something good to eat this morning.”

When Sadler Bros. Vice President of Development Hermie Sadler announced the Race-in plans over the summer he said the building would basically be brand new with refurbished bathrooms and ceilings and floors.

Yes, it is a sparkling new convenience store, but that grill in the back is bound to be what gets people talking.

Jason’s mother Sheila is cooking homemade biscuits each morning and mother-in-law Marjie Lawson is supplying chicken salad, potato salad, slaw, and pies among other offerings.

There will be daily specials although the official menu signs have not yet arrived. Temporary displays will do the trick though.

Breakfast biscuit options include sausage, egg, gravy, bacon, steak, pork fritter, and country ham.

For lunch, there’s a 100-percent beef “Murray Burger” and pulled pork, crispy chicken fillet, pork fritter, and crispy fish sandwiches. There’s also hot dogs, chicken (by the piece) and fish dinners and a soup of the day.

“I know both of those ladies can cook,” Jason said, “and I know it’s just a matter of tasting the food to get people here. I think once you ever taste it, you’ll come back.”