Littleton United Methodist Church donated $1,500 to Vaughan Elementary School to purchase books and summer learning packets for the students to take home for summer learning.

Littleton United Methodist Church has been giving books to students to read over the summer for many years. Volunteers from the church come to school each year with hundreds of books for students to choose from to take home and read over the summer. The church provides a writing activity for students to participate in with the books they read.

Due to COVID guidelines, Littleton United Methodist Church could not collect and distribute books to the students this school year. The church was determined to make sure students had what they needed for summer learning so they generously gave the school money to purchase books and/or summer learning packets for all students.

Throughout the school year, Littleton United Methodist Church has supported the school. "We are so thankful for the support they give to our students and staff. We are so thankful for the community partnership we have with Littleton United Methodist Church," Vaughan Elementary wrote in a news release. 

Vaughan also received 24 HP 650 Probook refurbished laptops and 12 docking stations from the Fayetteville, North Carolina Social Security Administration. Barbara Brayboy, under the directives of Eric Locklear, was instrumental in helping the school to get these much needed laptops.

Teachers will be using these computers to present their lessons each day and to connect virtually with their students. If the teacher is not using the computer they will be used by the students as well.

Vaughan thanked Brayboy for helping Vaughan Elementary School receive these much needed laptops and resources. "She has always been an avid supporter of our school and we would like to thank her for the support she gives our school."