Rockfish Capital

Did you know that as you enter Weldon, N.C. from US-158 East (near the corner of Elm and West 3rd streets), you’ll encounter a huge striped bass, aka rockfish, hanging beneath a towering sign that reads, “WELDON, NC – ROCKFISH CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.”

Beneath the fish, named Rocky, a display explains that it took over 200 hours to carve and paint the huge striped bass, that it was hand sculpted by Grey’s Taxidermy in Pompano Beach, Florida, and that it traveled 970 miles to get to its new home in Weldon. “The stripers that migrate from the upper Chesapeake Bay to reach the spawning beds are the Roanoke River each spring travel about the same miles round-trip,” reads the display panel.

This panel also shares “The Myth of Rocky the Giant Rockfish,” provides fun fish facts, offers a Weldon town map, gives the locations of places of interest nearby, and briefly highlights the history of Weldon.

To learn more about historic Weldon, visit You just may “Get Hooked on Weldon.”