Ladies of the Lake Cancer Support Team

Karen Husar, Sue Williams, Sandy Burch, Donna Burleson, Teresa Collins, Jenny Ayers, Christy Edmonds, Sue Spickler and Vickie Evans.

The Ladies of the Lake Cancer Support Team provides support to cancer patients in several counties in Virginia and North Carolina surrounding Lake Gaston, including those who receive services from VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital’s Hendrick Cancer and Rehab Center.  Several times a year the group donates to various individuals and organizations to help cancer patients monetarily to make sure financial struggles will not stand in the way of treatment. 

“These ladies are wonderful,” Teresa Collins, director of the Hendrick Cancer and Rehab Center, said. “To see their hard work and dedication to the cancer patients in our community is humbling.” 

This past year, one member of the Ladies of the Lake team was reminded about why this the group’s support is crucial for patients. Sue Williams of Henrico, North Carolina, is the publicity chairperson for the Ladies of the Lake. Williams was diagnosed with lymphoma a few years ago, but because she has done very well, she has not needed any treatment yet. Normally very active and a non-smoker, Williams endured multiple serious illnesses last year. Being a patient and forced to give up many outings, Williams says she was upset when she couldn’t help with one of group’s biggest fundraisers over the holidays. 

Luckily, Williams was able to join her team to deliver a check to CMH in the new year. 

“I’m here, I’m doing things, I’m happy,” Williams said with a smile and positive attitude. “I felt what other patients felt this past year and that makes what we’re doing mean even more now.”

Despite personal challenges, the Ladies of the Lake remain committed to supporting the work of the Hendrick Cancer and Rehab Center. 

“I am amazed at the continued level of support from the Ladies of the Lake,” Christy Edmonds, foundation coordinator, said. “We appreciate everything they do to help our patients.”

To make a donation to the cancer care fund or other funds at the CMH Foundation, visit the CMH Foundation website or call (434)-447-0857 to learn more.