Michelins Friss

Lake Gaston Gazette-Observer readers may have noticed a new byline in the paper this month, as reporter Michelina Friss takes the lead in delivering relevant information on happenings around the lake and the town of Littleton.

The New York native earned a Media Studies degree from Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, N.Y., and worked for the college’s athletic department handling videography and marketing initiatives following graduation.

She later lived in Charlotte, N.C., for two years before moving to Ohio, where she worked as a television news anchor covering local news.

Friss said she enjoyed the fast-paced intensity of short broadcast news reports, but the brevity sometimes felt like her audience was deprived of information about her stories.

In her new job with the Gazette-Observer, her first in print media, Friss said she looks forward to having time to more fully develop her stories as she gets to know community members and the issues important to them.

“I think my first impression is there’s more going on than what most people think that are driving through,” Friss said of the rural area around Lake Gaston. “My take so far is that the people here are very good people, living their lives, working jobs, and it’s important to people to invest in the local community. There’s the small town feel, looking out for your neighbors.”

Friss has already gotten to know some of the locals through covering events at the lake and in the town of Littleton, and conducting story interviews. Her plans to continue exploring the area and its people include learning the feel of the community, being a good listener, and putting forth an effort to find out what people care about in order to tell their stories.

Friss lives in the Norlina area of Warren County. A summer person, she enjoys hiking, walking outdoors, watersports and living an active lifestyle.

Reach out to her at the Gazette-Observer by emailing news@lakegastongazette-observer or calling 252-586-2700.

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