Although Covid-19 has slowed the court system, the Petition to Appeal the rezoning decision is moving forward. The Keep Ebony Country grassroots campaign, organized to oppose rezoning and Dollar General coming to Ebony, is alive and well.


The Petition to Appeal the Jan. 29 vote by the Brunswick County Board of Supervisors was filed on Feb. 28 by petitioners, Anne Edwards Hartley and Prospect Cemetery Association, on behalf of this grassroots effort and all who are in opposition both publicly and privately.  The County responds with a demurrer which is a typical first step which tries to make the case we don’t have a case and it should be thrown out.  

Here’s where we are

A Response of Opposition to Demurrer was filed May 29.  We have a very solid response and case. Our response makes it very clear and compelling that we do have a case and it is solid and must be heard. The only hearing on the calendar so far is a hearing for the demurrer which is scheduled for Aug. 3.  

The appeals page at has more detail. 

So far, we received 10 amicus briefs from citizens who wanted to add their support legally. Thanks to all who were able to contribute. It is not too late, if anyone else feels compelled. Instructions are on the appeals page of the website.

There has been no subdivision of the property to create the 2.04 acre parcel for Dollar General and transfer ownership. The parcel has been rezoned and the zoning map updated without any provisional connection to the “use of the property” that is stated in the application. 

Community support is really important 

 The best way now is through a donation. We raised $9,300 to get the appeal kicked off and moving forward, and are now focused on Round two, $7,500. More information about donations can be found at Or send a check, made payable to “Keep Ebony Country Fund,” which can be mailed to Keep Ebony Country, c/o Kay Whitehead, PO Box 36, Ebony, VA 23845.

Public support is appreciated. Follow Keep Ebony Country on Facebook.

Anne Edwards Hartley 

On behalf of Keep Ebony Country Campaign