I learned that I am too stupid to be allowed to vote. I must let the Senate do that for me. Maybe that is why there are so many mentally questionable members in Congress. Elected by mentally questionable citizens. We may even become a socialist country. But first remember that over the last roughly 75 years, over 300 million, that’s right, 300 million people have been killed by their own governments. Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, and China. All socialist countries, and done after they had disarmed their citizens. Sound familiar?

I was surprised to learn that we had come close to being invaded by Russia. Seems that if Trump had not given Ukraine the $400 million, Russia would have had the ability to invade the U.S. This statement was made by a member of Congress who was not bothered by our being invaded by 20 million on our southern border. Now explain to me who is too stupid to vote.

The state of Virginia has, I believe, became the 38th state to pass the equal rights amendment. It takes 38 of them to have it become law, although they were supposed to have this done by 1982, so all those states might have to do it all over again. I have some concerns. I get the feeling that this is thought to be for women. I went through a divorce 37 years ago, and I might as well have not showed up. I have a grandson who just went through the same thing. Same games being played by the attorneys and the women. Does this mean that the guys will get a fair shake? Doubt it. Actually, the divorce was the best thing that happened to me.

Our first amendment has three major freedoms listed. Freedom of religion. That means that everyone has the freedom to believe anything they want. That does not give anyone the right to interfere with another person’s beliefs. I have been disappointed with the LBGTQ organization. Over the years they have been treated badly, and now the pendulum has swung the other way. One would think that they would have learned to desire a level of peace, but instead they have become the aggressor. Why? To what possible positive end result?

Then I ask myself why would anyone want to live/work in Washington. The impeachment process has shown that you can’t trust anybody. Anyone will say anything for a buck, and it is up to us to determine the truth, if there is one. With members of Congress at the top of the heap. Then remember that members can say anything they want while in the well and not be sued. Harry Reid did this all the time.

Frightening part of the impeachment process is that it has already been mentioned that if they were successful, then the next target would be Mike Pence. If that were successful, then Nancy Pelosi would be president. How scary would that be?

Hugh Fowler

Littleton, N.C.