ADAM FOREMAN/Lake Gaston Gazette-Observer

Representatives from N.C. State and the Lake Gaston Weed Control Council met last week at The Pointe for lunch and a boat ride to discuss their longtime partnership and everything they have accomplished over the past fifteen years or more. Since their partnership began, Hydrilla in Lake Gaston has decreased from over 2,000 acres down to approximately 150 acres as of last year. Pictured above from right to left are Chris Wessel, Director, Academic Programs/Departmental Fundraising, N.C. State; Steve Hoyle, Agricultural Research Technician, N.C. State; Elton Brown, President of the LGWCC; Jessica Baughmann, N.C. State Extension Associate, Aquatic Weed Program; Jeff Zimmer, treasurer of the LGWW; and Rives ‘Judge’ Manning, Jr., former treasurer of the LGWCC.