Chamberlain discusses lake conditions at LGA meeting

Corey Chamberlain of Dominion Energy

Corey Chamberlain with Dominion Energy addressed the Lake Gaston Association meeting on March 6 and covered such topics as lake conditions, he reminded those in attendance that with the inflow of the excess rain over the past few months, there have been chances in the bottom condition of the lake, and warned of debris. “As you start to pull out your boats, think about the bottom condition of the lake,” he said.

Chamberlain said that there had been no drownings in the lake last year and that there had been only one boat accident with injuries.

After spending some time talking about safety, Chamberlain went on to discuss Dominion Reservoir Level Operational Objectives such as compliance with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission license and meeting Virginia State Corporation Commission and North Carolina Utilities Commission objectives. He also covered the FERC license requirements to cooperate with United States Army Corps of Engineers on flood control, maintain lake levels, meet downstream flow requirements and meet anadromous fish spawning flows from March 1 though June 15.

Chamberlain discussed the current lake levels, informing the LGA that of the last 22 weeks, 16 of them they have been in flood control. He pointed out that the peak level was 201.4 feet, and at no time had the lake reached 201.5 feet. Discussing the water flow, Chamberlain said that the average flow of the water from 1965 until 2017 was 6,125 cubic feet per second. From September 22 until February 28 the average flow is 24,800 cubic feet per second, the highest flow rate since 1912.

Chamberlain said, “Kerr Lake did its job. It did what it’s supposed to do, it absorbed a flood that nobody is talking about.” He stated, “If it wasn’t for Kerr Lake, Lake Gaston would have flooded all the way to Roanoke Rapids.”

The LGA’s next monthly meeting will be held Wednesday, April 3, at 9:30 p.m. at the Lake Gaston Baptist Church.