Warren County Board of Elections staff wishes to notify the public that two groups are sending out mailings to voters across the state this week. 

One of the groups is the Voter Participation Center. This group will be mailing out 200,000 voter registration applications across the state, and some of the applications may go to citizens who are already registered to vote. 

The other group is the Center for Voter Information. This group is sending out over 28,000 mailings across the state. 

“The information provided to our office shows that 784 individuals in Warren County will receive these mailings,” said Debbie Formyduval, Warren County elections director.

Formyduval stressed that these mailings are not from the county or state Board of Elections, and that they often cause concern to citizens because many who receive them are already registered to vote.

“The Board of Elections is flooded with calls when people receive the mailing, as they believe that the mailer is coming from the local Board of Elections,” Formyduval said.

Voters with concerns about the Voter Participation Center group can direct calls to 877-255-5750. The Center for Voter Information can be reached at 202-766-6575.  

Voters may check their voter registration online at the State Board of Elections website at ncsbe.gov.