Tare “T” Davis

Tare “T” Davis, chairman of the Warren County Board of Commissioners, discusses the importance of remaining physically active throughout one’s lifetime during the March 19 opening ceremonies for the Kerr-Tar Region K Senior Games. 

Senior athletes representing Warren, Vance, Franklin, Granville and Person counties gathered in Warrenton on March 19 for the opening ceremonies marking the start of the 2019 Kerr-Tar Region K Senior Games.

Decked out in red Senior Games T-shirts, they excitedly greeted longtime friends and made new ones as they waited for the event to officially begin.

“It is inspiring to be with you,” said Tare “T” Davis, Warren County Commission chairman and keynote speaker. “These are much more than games. This is about the physical health of the community, the welfare of life.”

The Kerr-Tar Regional Council of Governments’ website notes that the Senior Games provide a holistic approach to body, mind and spirit, and staying fit while enjoying the company of friends, family, spectators and volunteers. People age 50 and older can participate in such sporting events as basketball shooting, billiards, bocce, cornhole, golf, horseshoes, shuffleboard, softball throw, table tennis, cycling, track and field events, pickleball, badminton, bowling, tennis and more, in addition to showcasing their artistic talents in an arts category.

Davis said that as people age, they face aches and pains, leaving them with a choice – to stay as physically active as possible or to give up.

“These are excuses to stop,” he said. “As I look around the building, you show that you are not like this.”

Davis said that regular exercise can boost mood and improve one’s overall health.

“It’s never too late to get your body moving,” he added. 

Charles Jefferson, Warren County member of the Region K Senior Games Steering Committee, continued the opening ceremonies tradition of reading “The Spirit of Senior Games” by Alice Keene, from the N.C. Senior Games State Finals in October 1985. One verse summarizes the attitude of competition — to do one’s best.


The days events included a fun walk and basketball shooting.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events in Warren County include the following:

April 5: cycling, track, football and softball throw, shot put and discus, 9 a.m., Warren County High School athletic field, 149 Campus Dr., Warrenton. The date for the 10k cycling event will be announced later.