ADAM FOREMAN/Lake Gaston Gazette-Observer

Jim Nold proudly displays his catch at the July 24 Striper Club outing. The striper weigh 13.5, 11, and 9-pounds, from left to right.


Jim Nold holds up his monster catch from the July 24 Lake Gaston Striper Club outing. 

Nold has been fishing all his life and has primarily just fished for striper since he got to the lake. He has been a member of the Striper Club for eight years and is currently the fish chairman, responsible for helping organize outings and tracking the results. 

A retired veterinary pathologist, Nold moved to the lake about 12 years ago to the Woodhaven subdivision. 

The Lake Gaston Striper Club has fish outings for members the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from March until November. According to Nold, “Practice makes perfect,” and the club helps new members learn how to fish for striped bass. The club meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Lake Gaston Lions Den at 139 Stanley Rd., Henrico, N.C. Visit their website at

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