To all of the wonderful patrons of the Littleton Library and the Halifax County Library System, we wanted to bring you a few updates as we prepare to reopen. We do not know exactly when we’ll reopen and we will have a new normal when we do, but we are hoping we’ll be able to be of service again soon.  First of all, we want you all to know that we miss you and look forward to when we can safely reopen our doors and welcome you back into our libraries. Our libraries are here for, and because of, you, but only if we can do so in a safe manor going forward. You make us who we are and we have missed your presence, and while we miss seeing you all, your safety is our first priority. Along with so many other businesses and agencies, we have had to be closed for your safety and for ours. We appreciate your support, your understanding, and your patience over the past weeks. Hopefully we are nearing an end to that closure. 

While we have been closed for public access, your librarians have been working diligently within your libraries. We have been cleaning and wiping down the libraries so that they would be as free of germs as we can possibly make them. Again, safety first. We have also been catching up on many projects during this time. There are always books to be cataloged and added to our collections, and I can promise you that we have worked hard to get these books cataloged and, on the shelf, so that you’ll have newer titles to pick from when you return. We have added regular fiction, non-fiction, large print fiction, audio and DVD, and children’s books to our shelves. Some collections have been rearranged here at the Littleton Library, and in some of our sister libraries as well, so things will look a little bit different when you return. 

Also, while we have been closed, we have been uploading story times for children’s to our Facebook pages and our library’s website ( We upload from Enfield , Littleton and Weldon on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively. The libraries in Halifax and Scotland Neck also post information regarding online sites that are helpful, fun, and informative. We have an amazing group of librarians working on bringing online content to you during this time. Check them out! 

We are working on plans for a phased reopening. However, we do not know when that will be just yet. We are hoping we will be back here for you soon. We are advising all of our patrons to contact your local libraries for guidance and instruction in the coming weeks. Please call ahead prior to planning your visits so that you’ll be prepared upon your arrival.  Libraries and phone numbers will be listed below. Again, we do not know yet when we’ll be open again, but we hope its soon and we want to stress that your safety is our main goal.  

Again, know that we have missed you and we have been working within our libraries with you in mind. While we await the day when you can return, please stay safe. 

Libraries within the Halifax County Library System:

Littleton: 252-586-3608

Halifax: 252-583-3631

Weldon: 252-536-3837

Enfield: 252-445-5203

Scotland Neck: 252-826-5578