High water levels at Lake Gaston are damaging boat docks, boat houses and eroding shoreline. Dominion Energy is in Flood Control Operations and levels are expected to continue to be high, although receding.

While the sun has finally broken through the clouds and started to dry things out, and a new month is on the horizon, February has been very cloudy and rainy for the lake region.

Upstream on the Roanoke, they haven’t faired much better and the result is high water covering many docks and inching up in yards. Lake Gaston is currently in Flood Control Operations and the two spillway gates are currently open at the Lake Gaston Dam. Those water levels are expected to stay high but will be falling over the next few days as flood control continues. The Dominion Energy web site says lake levels will be maintained between 199.9 and 201 by Wednesday. For more information on lake levels click on the “Lake Levels” icon at the Lake Gaston Gazette-Observer web site at www.lakegastongazette-observer.com.

While it feels like several inches more, according to the National Weather Service at w2.weather.gov, only about 2.5 inches of rain has fallen in the region since Feb. 1. February feels dank and dark because generally it is. According to Weatherspark.com, a web site that analyses weather data, February is generally the cloudiest month in the year, with cloud cover in the region about half the time. Just for reference, the cloudiest day in February is Feb. 13, when there is a 50 percent chance of clouds.

Weatherspark says there is, at best, only a 1 percent chance of a true snow day in all of February.

The Old Farmers Almanac predicts that March will start out sunny and warm for the North Carolina region but then move into a rainy period. With cooling temperatures towards the middle of the month, there is snow in the forecast for northern counties. Temperatures should warm up after that, followed by rain towards the end of March. Generally, the prognostication is average temperatures about 3 degrees above normal and precipitation about 4.5 inches, which is average for the area.