Northampton County Planning and Zoning Board will hold a meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 5, at 5:45 p.m. in the Commissioners Meeting Room at the Faisson building, 9495 NC Hwy. 305 in Jackson, N.C. The land contract on Edwards Beach Rd. in Henrico, N.C. is on the agenda. 

At the Sept. 16 Northampton County commissioners’ meeting held in Woodland, N.C., the purchase of 6 acres of land for $50,000 an acre, with an option to purchase an additional 3 acres at $80,000 an acre from Fannie P. Edwards, LLC. was approved. Northampton County is still within its purchaser’s examination period, set at 90 days, which means the land purchase has not closed. 

The purchase of the 6 to 9 acres on Lake Gaston fits into the county’s 2019-2023 Economic Development Strategic Plan to build a recreation, wellness and convention center. 

Last month, Northampton County sent out a Request for Qualifications for Architectural and Engineering services which included the request for “statements of qualifications from professional firms that are experienced in all phases of design, development, and oversight of the construction of a convention center complex to expand the County’s recreational and wellness offerings and to further economic development within the County.”

The word “complex” is now introduced in the county’s possible plans. 

Northampton County currently has a Recreation Department and Cultural and Wellness Center located in Jackson, the county seat, for all of the county’s residents.